About Leonard David Raymundo

Leonard David Raymundo (also known as Leonardo) is an experienced brand strategist and copywriter. Passionate about his craft, his style is defined by brevity, clarity, impact, and engagement. He adopts a holistic, visual approach to his work, with a special focus placed on how his words flesh out and advance the overall concept at hand.
A versatile writer, Leonardo Raymundo has experience in both long and short form copy formats. He has independently published or provided critical resource on a diverse variety of projects. Leveraging his expert grasp of customer analytics to inform his approach, he has written website content, email marketing, brochures, catalogs, headlines, taglines, slogans, and more.

Born and raised in Seattle, Leonard David Raymundo began his career in the technology industry, resolving highly complex issues on projects around the world. Although he appreciated the opportunity and experiences afforded to him by the role – including great compensation and a high frequency of international travel – Leonard never felt fulfilled in his work. Over time, he found himself drawn more and more to his creative instincts.

Outside of work, Leonard is deeply passionate about sports, travel, backpacking, and exploration. Supporting local teams shaped his formative years, and he continues to write about sports (both personally and professionally). Deeply devoted to his local teams, Leonard loves the sense of community that sports foster.

A sincere believer in the value of intercultural exchange and wandering, Leonardo Raymundo continues to adore traveling and particularly crossing international borders. Beyond simply observing different places and communities around the world, however, he advocates for investing real time and effort into new places to more fully begin to appreciate their unique beauty.